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The New Cover for QUEEN OF NONE is Here! (Plus Release Info!)

Most books and series don’t get a second chance at life. Indeed, when my publisher closed, not long after I submitted Queen of Fury, I despaired a little. This Arthurian adventure, the family saga, of the Queens of Fate, might never really come to a conclusion.

Thankfully, I was lucky and that didn’t happen. Not only that, but I’ve been involved in the discussion of the re-branding of the cover and look of all three books coming out from Solaris next year and in 2024. I wanted something medieval, eye-catching, and representative of the Pre-Raphaelite inspired aesthetic. Thankfully, the publisher was on the same page!

So when I got to see the new cover by Natasha Mackenzie, I was gobsmacked. There was Anna: regal and contemplative, bold and bright, holding Caliburn in her hands, luminous in a stained glass style. Plus brocade! Truly, I had tears in my eyes.

You’ve probably seen Nat Mack’s work before, including books by T. Kingfisher, Lillie Lainoff, and Richard Kadrey.


Magic is notoriously difficult to draw, and Anna’s magic perhaps even more so. She “pulls shadows” in the book, and the whorling dark waves behind her are so perfect in this rendition. She also has intricate braids, which I describe in the book as well, as well as sumptuous material on her gown. As a woman who was once a queen, she may not out and say it but she is a little vain about her wardrobe.

Nat also wrote a bit about the process of bringing Anna to life in a recent Instagram post:

Not all books call for hand drawn illustrations, but when they do… let’s just say there is a lot of love, care, and hours that go into creating a book cover design that hits just right. Queen of None was one such cover, and I adored every second of it. 🥰

Thank you so much Rebellion, Solaris and Natania for having me bring Anna, and the book cover for this magical series, to life. Counting down the days to May! 🧡

May 2024! That’s right. Anna emerges from the shadows once again, ready for vengeance and love. 

Lucky me, I get to also have Hwyfar and Morgen presented in this way, too. I have not ruled out getting wall prints to make my own triptych!

Thank you, Nat Mack, for delivering this dream come true. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

If you’d like to see more of Nat’s amazing work, her Linktree is full of goodies!

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