May 2023 Class – Writing History In Your Fiction!

Looking to history for inspiration can be fun–and fraught. It’s not a matter of simply copying and pasting, but rather interpreting, interpolating, re-telling, and re-imagining.

We’ll dive into places and approaches to sourcing as well as explores some of the pitfalls and minefields inherent in writing historical and history-inspired fiction. Plus, a look at authenticity vs. the myths of history. Are people so different now than they used to be? Or are we informed by our own age?

Join me, Natania Barron, a fantasy author, fashion historian, and longtime history nerd, for a hands on class and discussion.

7pm, EST – May 25, 2023!

Register Here!

(And as a reminder: Patrons at the Velvet and Chintz level get class access!)

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