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LIbrary Journal Reviews Queen of None

I have a thing for libraries and librarians, and deep affection for Library Journal which was so very kind to me in reviewing my debut Pilgrim of the Sky–and really getting it! That strange little book went on quite a journey, and it was a tough time for me, but Library Journal will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me endure that difficulty.

At any rate! I’ve just seen the review for the book from LJ, and it’s lovely. I’ll even take their mention of the book being slightly disjointed… because that was 100% intentional. Whether or not that works for everyone is up for debate, I suppose. But Anna isn’t always the most reliable narrator, and what she leaves out is… telling.

But this bit? Yes. YES! Slipping from reality to fantasy to perhaps even delusion–that is so much of what the book is about, just as Anna slips into her own shadows.

“Barron’s novel blends human earthiness with the mystical elements we have come to expect from Arthurian legends, allowing readers to feel as though they could slip from the mundane to the fantastical at any moment…”

Library Journal

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