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Here, There, and Everywhere: Queen of None Link Roundups!

GOODNESS GRACIOUS. It’s a lot of work getting a book out into the world. I will say, so far I am so very incredibly thrilled to see how so many readers are connecting with Anna. Even if some have called me a witch. Or a destroyer or hearts. I mean, that kind of is my personal brand.

I’ve been very lucky to be able to share some more insight on a variety of blogs over the past week, so I thought I’d share some links to each of them! All here. In one place. For your enjoyment. Or something.

First up, is from Mary Robinette Kowal‘s “My Favorite Bit.” I first met Mary Robinette at NasFic in 2010, and she was so kind and sweet and friendly. Also just so talented! And brilliant! I was just starting out as a writer, and I don’t mind saying that she was, and is, well, goals. Let me tell you, meeting your literary heroes can be a humbling, baffling, massively disappointing experience. But Mary Robinette was never among them in terms of that. I fangirled a little, I admit. Anyway!

For “My Favorite Bit” I talked about Lanceloch, fishing, and those surprising moments when characters just shock you and you half fall in love with them.

Next is from Chuck Wendig, who helped me feature my “top five” about Queen of None. One of the particularly cool things about Chuck is that, in spite of some truly baffling struggles, he continues to write massively beautiful, haunting, eerily-prescient stuff, while also finding time to help other writers and still lift them up.

Even before publication, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Paul Semel. This exclusive interview is comprehensive, and was a ton of fun. Paul had some wide-ranging questions, including how the book slides sideways a little into romantic fantasy, as well as a discussion about who I’d like to see cast in a potential series (a girl can dream, right?)

Jennifer Brozek is a powerhouse in speculative fiction and RPG writing, as well as instruction, tie-ins, editing, and more, and I’ve always looked up to her, especially in terms of how wide-ranging her work is. Also, she let me talk about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and just how weirdly accurate it is when it comes to the Middle Ages.

And then, writer Ken Schrader, who I’ve recently become acquainted with on Twitter–or at least more aware of, as these algorithms go–has the first part of a two-part interview over on his blog. Ken and I shared a TOC recently in the Predators and Petticoats anthology, in fact! In this snippet I talk a bit about Queen of None, how I got writing in the first place, and why I’m a genre writer.

And yes — I’ve mentioned this before. The response to the book has been so overwhelming that the distributor sort of… glitched. We ended up backordered just about everywhere. We’re working diligently on fulfilling ASAP! Hopefully all should be resolved shortly. Thank you to everyone who has ordered, reviewed, and read. A particular shout out to the child of one of my friends who’s now also read my entire backlist after reading the book, and new friends messaging me in real time as they go through the story.

Meanwhile! The Kindle and Kobo and Nook editions are still available everywhere!

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