Winner of the Flashy Things and Other Updates

Leave it to me to spend a week overhauling my entire website, and then stop posting.

It’s been a busy few months, and after February’s Pilgrim of the Sky marathon, I took a bit of a break (and I’d like to think deservedly so). But I haven’t been absent from writing entirely! I’ve been thinking a good deal about a book called Bone Dust, and wrote about it rather extensively over at GeekMom.

Then there was a thing! A thing I won! With words! My lovely friend Jaym Gates roped me in to this flash fiction contest, and somehow I managed to edge out some pretty amazing writers and get crowned Winner of the Flashy Things (that’s not the official title, but I’m going with it… so there). You can read the winning piece here–called “The Argent”–right here. It was inspired by Russian research on silver foxes, and sort of built from there.

The best/worst part? The story won’t leave me alone. I’m supposed to be fleshing out Bone Dust. But the characters of “The Argent” keep finding their way into my brain. I haven’t written anything, but the world keeps opening up, and no matter how many times I tell it to away… it doesn’t listen. I get snippets of conversations every now and again, and so help me, I even named the three main characters (May, Kai, and Em). And it’s science fiction fantasy. It takes place with technology and craziness, and I’m helpless but to follow its dim light somewhere.

Novella? Novel? Novelette? Even though I’m trying my damnedest to stick to a process, there’s nothing process like about this book. So I’m hoping to take it out for a test drive and just see what happens.

Oh, there’s lots of other stuff going on, too. But time is few and far between these days, and if you’re not tuned in on Twitter you’ve probably missed all the good food I’ve cooked and posted and all the bottles of wine I’ve had. 😛 Your loss!

Oh! Right. And additionally, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can catch me (mostly) every week over at my YouTube channel.

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