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And now for something completely… ugh!

A ton of ginger. It's been my friend. Image by the USDA, public domain; via Wikimedia Commons.
A ton of ginger. It’s been my friend. Image by the USDA, public domain; via Wikimedia Commons.

I was going to write a very interesting and witty and delightful bit on Illogicon II, but then I got the norovirus. I spent the better part of Monday wishing for death and whimpering on the floor of my bathroom. Now that things have turned around, I find that I’m pretty much incapable of stringing words together. Nothing like forced caffeine withdrawal. Still haven’t managed coffee yet (which explains the incoherence). (It’s not all bad, though. There is cause to celebrate! My husband is employed as of next week. So the long, horrid month of December fades into the distance and we can breathe again.)

If you’re looking for some good rundowns of what happened at Illogicon II, you can find them at J.L. Hilton’s blog and at Traci Loudin’s blog. In short, from me, I’ll say this: for a small con, the panels were surprisingly good. And I’m not saying this just because I moderated three of them (okay, I’m sure that skewed my perception a little!) — but I felt like every panel that I was on and attended had something new to add to the conversation. My biggest gripe about conventions, even being as infrequent guest as I am (children… travel… hahahaha…) is that the convention topics, especially in writing, tend to go around the same subjects over and over. And we hear the same advice and opinions and agreeing and shoulder clapping rather than any advancement. But this time I felt like there was a ton of chemistry between participants, and a wide variety of opinions and perspectives blending together in a lovely way. I learned something!

Additionally, I got to meet Tim Powers, who most excellent, except that I didn’t get to geek out with him about Byron, Shelley, and Keats as I’d have liked to. Another day.

I will say the “Women in Geek Culture” panel I was on was perhaps one of the liveliest, most enjoyable panels I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. It’s a happy place I’ll go to in my mind when things suck. I also read a bit from Watcher of the Skies which was a bit daunting (I half expected no one to show up, so didn’t prepare as well as I should have; turned out that there were eight people there) but overall quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately I have nothing to add to that. I have a few pieces I’ve considered putting together on the subject of women and femininity in genre literature in particular, but I haven’t the brain power to put it together at the moment. It’s been nothing but crackers and broth and potatoes until this morning, and I’m still ready to crawl back into bed and sleep for a week.

And now to get my head back together, answer emails, and try to focus on the coming weeks. Wish me luck!


    • Natania

      Thanks! We’re relieved beyond belief. We were a few weeks away from moving everyone in with my parents. Humbling, to be sure… but drama not particularly desired.

  • angelablackwell

    I would certainly be interested in the women in genre literature. I am a writer also, half of the exploding spaceship for bullspec and also fiction, but my day job is as a device consultant where I deal almost entirely with males, many who are SF fans also. British client very surprised to find a US consultant who was a female Doctor Who fan, but he took me to Nottingham Forbidden Planet over lunch so I think he was over the shock.

    Hope you are well from the virus. Our friends hubby in England got it and it delayed their trip to visit us in Scotland by several days it was so nasty.

    • Natania

      How odd! Most of the Whovians I know are women. I know David Tennant has a great deal to do with it, but odd. I’m interested both in women as writers, but also women in fiction. I was on a panel at Illogicon about “Writing Strong Women” and was surprised at some of the questions. As if women are a weird puzzle to be unlocked or “maled’ up to be believable.

      And I’m so sorry to hear about the delays in your trip! I was in the UK (both England and Scotland) in 2000 and 2005. The second trip we were there during the horrible flooding, and spent more time on trains and busses than sightseeing, unfortunately. Some day I will find my way there again!

  • J.L. Hilton

    Bummer, sweetie, is that what your kids had? (When in doubt, always blame the kids.) Thanks for the shout out. Congrats to your dh and I hope you feel better soon!

  • Traci Loudin (@TraciLoudin)

    Sorry to hear you caught the con crud! I saw your post on Google+ where I thought “what’s with that strange photo?” and then I realized. 🙁 Are you headed to any more regional cons? I had hoped to go to Mysticon, but I’m afraid my next probably won’t be until ConCarolinas. There’s always 2014, I suppose!

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