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You’ve got a messed up conception of happy.

More writing has been done, and I eked over the 30K mark this afternoon. This is good.( I apologize if some of these posts are a little repetitive, but currently I’m trying to track my output and want to be a little more book-centric during the process.)

Stuff accomplished in Ardesia, where it’s spring and it’s still snowing, bombs have been falling, knights have been descending from airships and Marna is searching for Dev while Sievert searches for Marna, while Dev is traversing the seven hells, etc., ad nauseum:

Almost killed someone, which I totally did not plan to have happen. Out of nowhere. Almost dead–not really dead yet–but now a pawn in the whole plan. Brought back Elyse, who is evil, evil, evil. Or just demented. Or both. Descended, at last, into Underally, and had a rather heart-breaking flashback with Marna. Also did not see that coming. Also did not know it had to be written in the present tense, but it insisted upon it, and forced my fingers.

Now, back to that clockwork wolf and a scene with lots of tea. Yes… don’t you know wolves love a good cuppa?

How can you love a broken person? Piece by piece. – Chapter 12: Underally

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