ConTemporal Bound!

So, ConTemporal starts tomorrow! Before you go thinking how crazy-pants I am to go to a convention after having a baby so recently, keep in mind that I can actually walk to this one. No joke. It’s less than a mile from my house!

ConTemporal is a celebration of steampunk and other speculative fun times, and I’m really excited to be a panelist. More than anything, though, I’m looking forward to acting like a writer again for a while (at least the kind who isn’t practically attached to her little newborn). Not to mention, quite a few friends are going to be there, both from near and far. The delightful Cherie Priest is the Guest of Honor, which is worth the price of admission right there (to say nothing of the marvelous toast mistress, Lee Martindale).

If you’re in the area, come on by! If you’re looking for where I’ll be, here’s my schedule! I’m particularly excited about the Weird West panel, because I love the chance to geek out about steampunk cowboys… Chances are this is the only convention I’ll be doing this year, since it’s very unlikely I’ll be making it to Dragon*Con or other usual haunts (considering the baby, and all). So don’t miss out on the last chance to hear my random genre babble!

Friday – 5pm
Steampunk: Aesthetic or Genre?
Venetian {Lit}
What defines steampunk? Join our guests as they debate the influence of costuming, gadgets, ambiance, and story type on the steampunk world.
Moderator: Sara Harvey * Panelists: Natania Barron, Cherie Priest, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Saturday – 1pm
Salon: Natania Barron
Boardroom {Lit}
This intimate salon is limited to 10 people only so sign up early at Registration to reserve your seat! This is your chance to hear a bit about current work, snag that signature and get to know them without the press of fans all around you.
Panelists: Natania Barron

Saturday – 4pm
How to Handle Multiple-POV Stories
London I {Lit}
Having multiple point-of-view characters gives readers another window into the story. Each character has their own voice, their own way of viewing the events. The panelists discuss ways to successfully integrate multiple points of view into a work.
Moderator: Jana Oliver * Panelists: Natania Barron, Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith, Cherie Priest

Saturday – 6pm
Zurich {Lit}
Steampunk is largely focused on taking the Victorian era and twisting it a bit. Why does this appeal to so many people? What did the Victorians think the future would hold?
Moderator: Susan Griffith * Panelists: Natania Barron, Clay Griffith, Jana Oliver

Sunday — 11am
The Weird West
Venetian {Lit}
Westward Expansion during the Age of Steam opens a lot of doors for steampunk: tall tales, great historic deeds, and tweaks to history. What about this setting fascinates us?
Moderator: Lee Martindale * Panelists: Natania Barron, John Claude Bemis, David Drake, Cherie Priest

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  1. […] 3-time non-fiction contributor, and incoming Bull Spec fiction co-editor!) Natania Barron is ConTemporal Bound — though she doesn’t exactly have far to go. She’s posted her panel schedule, […]

  2. I may make the multiple POV session, but no promises!

    1. Great! I hope to see you, of course.

  3. Natania I hope you are having a fun time!

    David in Maine USA

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