GeekDad: Top 10 Geeky Instruments

By way of a wee announcement, my first post is live over at the GeekDad blog. So, even though I’m not a dad, I am a geek… so I’m a GeekMom! I’m really excited to be part of this deliciously geeky group of guys and gals!

I know it says it’s by Michael Harrison, but that’ll soon change.

Top 10 Geeky Instruments

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Image courtesy Lemming Malloy

Jay Cartwright and his Marvelon. Photo: Lemming Malloy

“Music self-played is happiness self-made,” or so say They Might Be Giants. Not only can playing music make you happy, but, according to research, it can also make you smarter. And since your kids’ brains are primed for learning music at a young age, the lessons they get now will stay with them long after.

But, hey, why not be geeky and musical? Let’s take a look beyond guitar, piano, and clarinet to uncharted territory. Hit the jump for 10 Geeky Instruments for your consideration.

10. Keytar – When I think keytar, I think one thing: Kids Incorporated rockin’ it 80s style. However, as I’ve learned, this oft-ridiculed hybrid instrument can in fact be wonderfully geeky. Take the steampunk band Lemming Malloy here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and lead singer Jay Cartwright. Not only does he embrace the majestic nature of the keytar, he’s re-made and re-named it entirely: Jay embellished and modified his keytar with his own hands. The result? The Marvelon. Really, the name says it all.

And did you know that Justin Timberlake, Ben Folds and “Weird Al” Yankovic are all known for their keytar prowess?

Suggested tunes: Lemming Malloy, Avalauncher


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