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A Tuesday short story WIP excerpt

But Alice was practically obsessed with exposing the truth and making a name for herself as a journalist, one who plunged into the deepest, darkest corners of the city to expose the maggot-ridden underbelly. She would grab opportunity by the scrotum, and direct it where she wanted to go, never relenting in her pursuit of cold, hard, facts.

Of course, first she’d write a few fluff pieces, just to get the papers interested in her work, but then she’d go for the jugular.

The instruction card was hand-written, and stamped with a government-issued seal of authenticity. Alice turned it over again in her hands and read the opening paragraph:

Congratulations on the purchase of your Waffton Wisp. This certificate ensures that you have purchased a government regulated Waffton Wisp. You are guaranteed freedom from belligerent, unwilling, or unstable Wisps. Every Wisp has been raised and screened for optimal performance and cooperation. Waffton Wisps are the preferred provider for all Tryton machinery, including, and not limited to, clockwork, factory, and home products. If you need assistance in setting up your Waffton Wisp, or have an inconvenience to report, please visit one of our locations in Manhattan.

Then, there was a diagram; hand-drawn, again. Alice flipped it over, running her fingers over the ink. It was fairly straight-forward. Tip, shake, then press the jar down into the receptacle until a low hiss is heard, then turn two times. At that point “a dull glow” would emanate from the tube, and voila! Work could commence, Wisp-wonderful.

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