My Patrons voted, and boy I’m glad they did. We had quite a reaction on Twitter for this one, getting the attention of both Neil Gaiman and one of my favorite directors of all time, Guillermo del Toro. I loved watching the first season of The Sandman on Netflix, and I was brought back to reading the comics almost 20 years ago — really my first comic book experience that helped me see graphic novels as an art form beyond what I’d ever expected. I cried, I laughed, I covered my eyes. I swooned for Lucifer. You know, as you do.

1 – 💫Awake, dreamers. Tonight we don garments of mist & memory to dance among the firmament.

Yes, we're talking the costumes of #TheSandman this evening. As spoiler-free as possible. Arranged, instead, as a kind of rogues gallery. A #threadtalk commentary by yours truly.🌛

Tom Sturridge as Morpheus, the Sandman, holding his helm, which looks quite like a steampunk gas mask. He has tousled black hair, and his face is cast in deep shadow. He wears a deep black cloak so only his hands are visible, cradling the helm; the helm has fathomless black eyes and is made of what looks like leather and brass, with a long, spine-like snout. © Netflix

2 – I considered many ways to arrange this particular topic & ultimately decided to squee about the costumes that gave me joy.
So first. Everyday Morpheus.
It is no spoiler to say Gaiman & the design team wanted to keep his essence & remain modern. He'd fit in in London today.

This is Morpheus in his everyday wear.  He is in all black, with a soft t-shirt beneath a black jacket, void of buttons or clasps. His trousers are fit perfectly, and his hair is reminiscent of our favorite 1980s rockers, but not too far into the realm of ridiculousness. He sits on an ebony chair, eyes trained up, mouth pursed, hands on each arm, princely and commanding and scary as hell. In a t-shirt. © Netflix

3 – In terms of comic book-to-screen realness, the Corinthian's wardrobe had all the "American sweetness belying the something potentially unsettling" you'd hope for.
The classic wide lapels, those full-wrap sunglasses, and the overall styling for this character just: 👀👀👀

Boyd Hollobrook as the Corinthian in Netflix's The Sandman Series. He wears a Sand colored blazer and a pale t-shirt. His dark sunglasses are so black you can't see through them to his eyes, but the frames are almost gold--they conceal even the sides of his eyes. In this picture, he is at a diner, leaning over a table, speaking to someone, his hair parted very 1940's/50s style. Clean-shaven, polite-looking.

4 – Deep in my heart of hearts, had I not been brought up religious, I would have been a Goth. So I was absolutely living for Chantal & Zelda. I loved the subtle differences & the nods to Wednesday Addams & Lydia Deetz in their design. Plus, bits of mourning wear, naturally.

© Netflix - Chantal and Zelda from The Sandman Series played by Daisy Badger and Cara Horan. They incorporate Chantilly lace, blunt bangs, black lipstick, and elements of Victorian and biker culture into their clothing styles to differentiate between the two characters.

5 – I. Stan. Lucienne. Vivienne Acheampong is brilliant, helming a role that certainly brought some trolls out of the basement (due to the original character being a white dude). She slayed, wearing a suit with swallowtails that swirled behind her, &I still can't get over it.

© Netflix - A promotional picture of Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne dressed in a fabulously tailored, whimsical suit (yes, that's a thing apparently now) carrying a big, red book from her incredible library. She is bald, wearing round glasses, and has pointed ears and a placid and knowing look on her face. She is surrounded in a summoning circle.

6 – Lucifer's white satin gown.
Satin. Satan. Get it?
(This may have inspired an entire other #threadtalk, but that's another night.)
Gwendoline Christie gobbled this pristine gown like a murderous, Amazonian cherub. And I 👏am 👏here👏for👏it. Who's gonna do the dry cleaning?

© Netflix - Gwendoline Christie in a white satin gown with a high, Japanese-influenced collar, subtle military influences, and immense pointed shoulders. She has pale blonde ringlets and holds her fingers in an open circle, almost in a peaceful gesture.

7 – Look, there is nothing to critique about Death. She was perfect. Not only did Kirby Howell-Baptiste's performance make me weep, but they kept the simplicity of her style from the comics. Timeless. Her beauty & style & compassion. Wouldn't change a thing. Just magic. 🪶

© Netflix - Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death. She wears a plain black tank top and an ankh necklace; her hair is natural and curly. Very unpretentious.

8 – Speaking of the Endless, can we talk about Desire now?

Because Holy meow. Mason Alexander park serves it. Every scene they're in is wicked in the best way. That costume–both cat and prey–is slinky, sultry & devious. In the iconic words of Britney: gimme gimme more.

© Netflix - Mason Alexander Park as Desire in a catsuit. They have a collar of long black feathers, and long red nails. Their hair is bleached blond and coiffed back, and they wear smoky eye makeup and red lips. The neckline is plunging, bearing their chest. They are surrounded a summoning circle for this promo image.

9 – Back to Morpheus. I saw a TikTok somewhere that this is actually couture, off the runway–but I can't find it! I believe it, though. It's got that kind of feel, if true.
Hands down, one of the best costumes on the whole. Absolutely gorgeous.
Lookit him cradling Helmy. 🖤🖤🖤

© Netflix - Morpheus standing at 3/4 in a leather battle gown of sorts. It has a high collar, and almost a corset-like top construction, with leather sleeves, and a long, floor-length skirt. He's holding his Helm and looking off, rather sad, as per usual, against a misty white background.

10 – Have you noticed a theme yet? If it's not black, it's red. If it's not red, it's white or tan.
And if you're Lucifer, you get to do any combination of them.
My queen. This patent leather number, coupled with the full bat wings, has me in my feelings right now again.

© Netflix - Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer, now in a Victorian-inspired piece (sort of) with a high collar, made of shiniest patent leather. She has a large ring, but the same pale curls and patient expression. Her wings have claws on the ends.

11 – Speaking of queens.
One of the things that made me so emotional, as a reader of the comics (OMG YES I, A WOMAN PERSON HAVE READ THE COMICS) was seeing women on the screen in new roles.
Johanna Constantine. My chaotic bisexual duchess. I am living for that trench coat. Want.

© Netflix Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine and Tom Sturridge as Morpheus. They are mirror images of each other, standing against the London skyline--she in a white trenchcoat with smooth, long hair; he in a black trenchcoat with mussed up hair. It's nighttime and the lights are blurred behind them.

12 – HOB. I can't really get into the Hob episode without going into spoilers, but I will link to articles that go into detail.
TL;DR REALLY fun historical stuff. I particularly enjoyed the hairstyles. Don't want to give too much away. But major props to their costuming dept.

© Netflix - Ferdinand Kingsley at Hob in the Sandman series on Netflix. He is dressed in Victorian era costume in this particular image.

13 – Well, I'm probably very predictable at this point but as far as costuming goes, this was just a bloody work of art.
That much red satin. A murder banyan. I mean, I'm helpless. (I know, I know, I have Lucifer on this list THREE TIMES). But dear lord, how she shone on screen.

© Netflix - Lucifer in a red, satin robe with flared sleeves and sharp shoulders. Her wings rise over her head and she has a look of ferocity on her face as she leans forward on a table. The way the light catches the satin is mesmerizing, looking almost liquid.

14 – I've avoided some costumes/characters because of spoilers, but that can't be said for the following articles!

Reader beware! Here's the first batch:

15 – For ALL the devilish details on how they put together the wardrobe for Lucifer, this is where to go:

16 – For a look into the historical costuming, @FrockFlicks had some great stuff to say:

17 – And some sources if you're interested in more general information about the cast, actors, and whatnot.

I really want a second season! I'm a bit bitter that certain 🐉shows are already renewed, and this one is not.

18 – And a bit more reading:

19 – Thanks for joining #threadtalk tonight, I hope you had fun.

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Sweet dreams! 💫

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