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Medieval and medievalesque armor @DRB

Medieval suits of armor. – Beautiful, beautiful!

I have an unabashed love of suits of armor, which is helpful considering my current project is Arthurian. And although, as is pointed out in the comments, not every single one of these is authentic medieval, they are still one barrel of eye candy. The artistry, regardless of the provenance, is really astounding.

What a fun thing to wake up to!

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  • qorvus

    I never really caught onto the whole knights in shining armour thing – I read a bit of King Arthur, but always preferred the older Romano-Celt version of him, without the heavily armoured knights.

    Deliberately avoided using it in my world as well – the cultures and climate didn’t really lend itself to knights to start with. Mostly they wore chain or leather, with the odd breastplate thrown in, but no full suits of knights armour.

  • Natania

    @elizaw Yes, the artistry is really breathtaking. Having studied Medieval art a bit, it never ceases to amaze me how much could be done with (seemingly) so little!

    @qorvus I don’t know, something about armor gets me. Of course, what riles me more is when people write with armor and yet forget how inconvenient it all is! In my world, full armor is used only in necessary circumstances, and often in the Tournament. But like the weapons of the time, armor was super-duper heavy, and required years of training to get the hang of. There’s that great scene in Mark Twain’s Connecticut Yankee where the protagonist is describing sitting in armor in bad weather, I think… Thankfully, the protagonist in my Arthurian tale is a woman, so the armor issue is skirted. Hah! Pun intended.

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