Rock music sings at the heart of this novel, but so, too, does the creative soul.




Rock & roll will never die, but if Kate Styx isn’t careful, it’s going to kill her. Kate spent her life living the rock & roll dream: successful albums, a high-profile romance, and adoring fans. Until reality hit. Her band, October Revival, isn’t exactly pulling the numbers it used to. And now her charismatic ex-boyfriend lead singer Tom has found religion, much to Kate’s chagrin. Tom’s evangelical conversion dredges up all kinds of buried ghosts from her past, and when a death in the family drags her into the tabloids, she finds more demons than dreams. Between music, family, and band, Kate has more secrets than she cares to face and more problems than power chords. October Revival crumbles around her while Kate struggles to keep herself together. Music saved her before, but will it be enough this time? Rock Revival is about the love you take and the music you make; a tale of music, relationships, and religion… not necessarily in that order.

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