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Announcing the 10th Anniversary Edition of PILGRIM OF THE SKY

In advance of Gods of Londinium coming to print, we’re releasing a 10th anniversary edition of Pilgrim of the Sky, my debut novel. I’ve got to admit, I did a triple take when I realized it’s already been a decade since I followed Maddie Angler through the mirror. But time is fickle, isn’t it?

There will be a hardcover edition as well, which is very exciting since I never had that opportunity with the first novel. And new, matching covers! All the birds.

For fans of the original book, the second is an indirect sequel, the origin story of Joss Raddick, godling of the sea (imagine the Witcher with a beard, and that’s him).

“You have a true heart, and true strength—it’s only that you’ve forgotten how to use it. You’ve taken up the armor of sadness and fear instead. And while it works for a time, it’s bound to shatter. The smiths of that sort don’t make anything that lasts.”

Pilgrim of the Sky by Natania Barron

Praise for Pilgrim of the Sky:

“… a lush, dreamy fable – both vintage gothic, and modern mystery … lovingly laced with magic and darkness from start to finish.” – Cherie Priest

“Steampunk meets goddess worship in this unusual and highly original story of loves that cross the borders of time and space… Barron’s debut is an sf adventure that mixes high action with exquisitely detailed depictions of everyday existence in these alternate worlds.” — Library Journal

“Barron’s book is a sexy trek through alternate worlds, with a fascinating and detailed mythology. This one is a steampunk tale that doesn’t play by the rules.” — Mur Lafferty

 “A brilliant, eloquent adventure through time, space, and the human heart.” — Jonathan Wood

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