Holy cow, y’all. It’s been a busy few months over here. New house, new job, and traveling have kept me from updating the blog. But, just in time for my birthday, I’m happy to announce that Frost & Filigree is hitting Kindles worldwide.

Like WothwoodFrost & Filigree is a novella, but that’s about where the similarities end. For me, this story is a love letter to some of my favorite authors of the Edwardian and Victorian periods, tempered with a bit of a bizarre sense of humor. Imagine if the Dowager Countess told House of Mirth, for example.

The two main protagonists are Vivienne, la belle dame sans merci, and Nerissa, the lamia. Of course I borrowed heavily from Keats because of course I did. Can’t escape the guy. Though I doubt he’d find the passages humorous.

They are both monsters, but they are also both desperate to live among humankind for various reasons — though not keen on acting as heroes if they can help it. Suffice it to say, something dreadful happens, and they find themselves rather stuck helping once again. Add to the mix Vivienne’s old flame Worth Goodwin (the son of the original Questing Beast from Arthuriana) and you get antics, hijinks, adventure, and a fair deal of humor mixed in. Also goats. Poor goats. But a lamia has to eat, y’know? (If you like Gail Carriger, this is probably right up your alley.)

I personally have Jonathan Wood to thank (or, I should say, Jon Hollins) for helping me find my own funny bone. I’ve been so very serious in most of my writing, it was so refreshing to make myself (and hopefully my audience) laugh.

Sound like fun? Click upon the image and pre-order!

Top image: By Randi Hausken from Bærum, Norway (Winter flower) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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