Now that the office is finally set up in the new house, writing has begun again on Glassmere. Frustrating to take a break from something I’m enjoying so much, but there’re lessons to be learned there, too. The older I get, the more I realize that writing is… well, it’s about the writing. The other extraneous chaff is part of it (the publishing, reception, etc.) — but on the most simple level, the most selfish level, I suppose, there is just the writing. And me. And I need it, and it makes me who I am. And I’m getting better at it every time I sit down to write because that’s my focus and not everything else.IMG_0001

It’ll take a little to get adjusted to the new corner. The new house has a built-in office, and I can’t tell you the last time I had a corner to call my own. We scored this gorgeous Midcentury Modern desk on Craigslist (pictured above), and I’m a bit giddy with the way it looks. The print over the desk is from the pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Robert Hughes, and it used to hang in my daughter’s room, but I felt it was a good point of focus for me while she gets to now choose what goes in her room, being three and full of opinions.

Maybe I need the fancy of a three-year-old right now. I think I do.

I have a LOT of exciting short story stuff happening, some of which I can talk about and some I can’t. The two biggies are Swords v. Cthulhu edited by Jesse Bullington and Molly Tanzer (my story is called “The Matter of Aude” and it’s a love letter to my graduate school days… with Lovecraftian monsters) and my involvement with Tales of the Lost Citadel anthology edited by C.A. Suleiman and Ari Marmell, live on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS. My story has my favorite title yet: “Two Moons and Red Bread.”

I also sold REDACTED to REDACTED and will also have a story in REDACTED.

There’s still space for alpha readers for Glassmere! You can sign up here, if so inclined:

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  1. Congrats, girl! I really need some REDACTED to spruce up my ego right now…but I need to get back to sharpening my own fiction skills after too much time spend on nonfiction–worthy on its own, but fiction is where my heart is.

    1. All in its time, all in its time. It’s my mantra right now. 🙂

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