Eating Authors over at Lawrence M. Shoen’s Blog

With a whirlwind trip to California (that included the worst airline experience to date, thanks United Airlines!) and the snowpocalypse in NC, I totally forgot to share this bit! I met Lawrence at Illogicon last year, and through the magic of Tsu (really, this isn’t a joke) he asked me to write for his blog series Eating Authors. Pretty much up my alley, as you might expect. (And oh yeah, you might have noticed Mr. Shoen was just nominated for a Nebula. Pretty darn sweet! Also thrilled to see Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation up, as well, one of the best books I’ve read in… um, a long, long time.)

I talk about my greatest food experience at a place called The Dragon Restaurant in Pittsfield, MA.

LMS: Welcome, Natania. What’s your most memorable meal?

NB: Food is part of what makes us human. Like any other art — and I do believe it to be an art — it inspires us, transports us, and challenges us. Truly great food makes you stop, gives you pause, insists that you stop and experience the flavors, textures, and scents of faraway, unexpected places. Meaningful food experiences steer you to remarkable mindfulness, no matter the quantity, and quite literally can transport you from the mundane to the sublime.

You can read the whole meandering musing over here.

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