The Great Inbetween

Oh hai. Yes, I have a blog. Sometimes I write in it. Right now for instance.

Yeah, been busy. BUSY. Busy with stuff I can’t yet share with the world; some writing related (in the speculative sense), some blogging related. All busy related.

So far, there hasn’t been time for much new writing. I have yet to catch novel fever on any one idea, but do have some projects I am trying to work on, anyway. Even if they are being difficult. I’ve had a few ideas that I’d like to pursue, but at the moment I’m sitting on a half dozen novels and feel, rightly so I think, that finding homes for them might be something I should consider above all else. While my agent search wasn’t as positive as I’d hoped, I should note that I had three agents interested in reading more from me. Three really awesome agents. So as soon as Indigo & Ink is ready to go, I’ll send it (no pressure, right?). At the moment I’m waiting for feedback. I already put the query letters together on that count. Now, if I only knew what the scoop was on The Aldersgate I would be a happy lady indeed.

Other than that, I’m preparing for surgery in early September, right after Dragon*Con. I’m looking forward to it, as this is supposed to help my hand/arm/neck/back/shoulder issues, the ones that have made typing near torture, but I’ve never had surgery. I mean, I had a kid. That was, technically, surgery. But this is different. I’ll be unconscious and all that jazz.

My son turned four this week, and we have a big party planned for Saturday, along with his cousin who’s turning one. I am the cake lady. So tomorrow I will be immersed in fondant and flour and sugar for most of the day, but I’m just hoping that my hands hold out. I’ve been instructed to lay off of blood thinning drugs, which means no ibuprofen, no naproxen; in other words, no drugs that actually work. Regardless, the cakes I’m planning include one Mini Cooper (for my son) and one Yoshi of Mario Brothers fame. At very least I will have a blast doing it. A big part of me wishes I were Duff Goldman. But a woman. And less hairy.

Anyway! Cool things are coming down the pipeline. I just have to get past the next few weeks…

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog. When you talk about your childhood writing days it sounded so familiar. I grew up writing stories and living in the worlds I created, and I never really told anyone how true that actually was. It’s very heartening to hear about others who share the passion. Your words are encouraging to me (especially in your rejection entry). I wish the best of luck in your pursuits.

    1. Thank you, Bria! I hope that my somewhat rambling and purposefully honest posts are helpful, and it’s great to know they are. The stories we write make us just as much as we make them, and that’s a gift that few people truly understand. Good luck to you, as well.

  2. good luck with your surgery. i hope it works out for the best for you. {hugs}

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