Nothing to see here, move right along.

Yeah, haven’t been posting much. I just have this thing, see, where I like to be interesting when I post, and honestly, I don’t have a lot of interesting stuff to say at this particular juncture. I’ve started and stopped a handful of posts, and they all just feel rife with ‘eh’ to me. Having been blogging about writing for the better part of 18 months or so, I fear I’m repeating myself occasionally…

I sincerely don’t mean for this to sound whiny. It’s not. It’s just sometimes, I think, people get quiet for a bit. I’m trying to focus on writing Peter of Windbourne right now, and even I understand how boring and often unsatisfying lots of excerpts are. So, I’ll refrain from that. Unless something really cool happens.

At any rate. I’ll be posting more, hopefully, come September, or at least posting more meaningfully! With gusto. And vim and vigor!

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  1. My blog has died a horrible death.

  2. @Mari I don’t think it’s dead, really. Just… at the moment I have so much going on, I’ve got to pick and choose. And if coming up with blog topics is taking too much time, then it’s gotta be on the side-burner for a while. I’m sure I’ll eventually have something to say. Words aren’t usually my problem! Sorry to hear about your blog though šŸ™

  3. My problem is that what’s going on in my life right now is so intensely personal – I refuse to blog about it. That and I don’t want or need a string of posts that say nothing but “Submitted Midnight to X publisher or X agent this morning.”

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