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GeekDad Post: Geeking Out With the Beatles

Geeking Out With the Beatles: The Magic of Music and Melody on a Young Mind

Photo by dunechaserPhoto: dunechaser

Not only do I love Rock Band, but the Beatles also happen to be my favorite band in the entire world that ever was or will be from now until the end of the world.

Suffice it to say, as The Beatles: Rock Band gets closer to release, I’m struggling to suppress my glee.

I don’t just dig early or late Beatles, or psychedelic or 65-66 Beatles (though, if pressed, that is my favorite era)–I love all the Beatles. And if it wasn’t for the Beatles, there’s a chance I’d be far less geeky, and interesting, than I am today. How? Here’s a look at my life, with the Beatles:

All Together Now: Family sing-fests in the car. “Yellow Submarine” in particular; we just nailed that four-part harmony. I am continuing the tradition with my geeklet today, who already rocks out.

Savoy Truffle: A six year stint as a vegetarian and a subsequent love of cooking. I learned to cook with Linda McCartney’s cookbooks. Once you perfect the art of making vegetables and textured soy protein taste good, you can do anything!

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