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Sitting on the curb of the empty parking lot of the store where they let me play the organ…

Central North Carolina wants to be the coast of Britain. Good lord, it has not stopped raining since I landed in RDU last Wednesday. Coupled with the fact that my husband Michael has been away on  business all weekend, and my two-year-old has not been outdoors at all since Friday… yes, excitement all around.

Writing has been not exactly scarce, but a little scattered. Since I left a week and a half ago, I managed around 10,000 words, which isn’t bad. I’m not precisely sure where the words came from, but I know what Scrivener says, and I have a tendency to believe it rather than my own feelings of inadequacy. But as I mentioned before, there’s literally nothing I can share that won’t spoil the first book. So, guh. I will sit with my chapters in the dark and smile, and hope that I’m getting it right.

I am looking forward to planting my garden, soon; after rain, comes sun. There’s always a glut of it in the summer around here, and I have to remember that.  Positive thinking! Positive thinking! I will feel better when I am surrounded by lavender, sage, and basil. I will, I will.


    • Natania

      @RG Sanders I adore it. Love it. Probably lust after it a little, from a textual standpoint. I’m having issues a little trying to get used to the netbook, and writing stuff there, then moving it to Scrivener. It just doesn’t feel done if it’s not in Scrivener.

      I owe a huge amount of novel success to Scrivener–and honestly I just scratch the surface of what the product is capable of. But all five (five? yes, it’s five now) novels in various states of completedness are housed in Scrivener. It’s the single most amazing tool a disorganized nitwit like me could ever wish for! 😀

  • RG Sanders

    Nice, and what about backup? That’s the only thing I’m not sure what to do with. Do you save the .scrivener file to a disk, upload it somewhere, or just take endless snapshots of all your text documents?

    Bar my unsure stance on backing it up, as it’s a specifics file type, I too love it.

  • Natania

    I back it up through TimeMachine & on a thumb drive… seems to do the trick. I like walking up to my husband and waving the thumb drive around and saying, “Everything I’ve ever written is right here.” I am a huge dork.

  • Natania

    Hmm… I don’t tend to strut. Maybe it’s a guy thing? Good writing from me usually warrants a very geeky happy dance that is embarrassing enough to mention here, let alone actually recount!

  • Mari Adkins

    Maybe it is a guy thing. I tend to go stand outside on the stoop with a cup of coffee — although I’ve been told that I look quite smug when I do it (as opposed to the times when I do it when I’ve not been writing or the writing isn’t going well).

    • Natania

      @Mari I like that approach, the coffee. I tend to reward myself if it’s a big deal (like a whole book completed). However, I promised myself a tattoo for the last two books, and have yet to do that…

  • Natania

    @Mari I’m learning that’s a great approach, too. Lots of little things often add up to remarkable large-type things! And celebrating all along the way ensures every day has a little more brightness to it…

  • Mari Adkins

    My oldest boy has chronic kidney failure. That put everything into perspective. 😉 Don’t fail to celebrate the small things – we may not be around to celebrate the big things.

  • Natania

    @Mari I’m sorry to hear about your son. My sister is currently fighting cancer, my mom’s a breast cancer survivor, and dad’s been battling a long term immune disease. Even so, I find sometimes time moves too fast for me to put on the brakes. Which is, honestly, why I decided to quit the “real” job and stay at home/write. So far, it’s been awesome. I’m definitely in a much, much better place. And I notice every blossom. 🙂

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