Book Natania

Need an expert on fashion, fantasy, and fiction?

Natania is available to speak on a number of topics, and has been featured at conventions, academic functions, school events, writing workshops, and more.

To check her availability and rates, and get on her schedule reach out to Stacey Graham at 3 Seas Literary.

Some topics include:

  • Building Fashion in Fantasy Worlds
  • Monstrous Women in Horror and Fantasy
  • Feasting and Food in Worldbuilding
  • Using Social Media to Build Your Author Platform
  • A History of Victorian Fashion
  • Marketing for the Social Author
  • How to Write a Novel and Raise a Family
  • ADHD, Writing, and Gender in the Modern World
  • Ability & Disability in Fiction
  • Tricks and Tropes in Romance Fantasy
  • Re-Queering the Fae – Urban Fantasy, Gender, Sexuality. and Romance

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