Queen of None is Now Available Everywhere!

No, this is not a repeat from 2020. Well, that’s not entirely the truth. As you may remember, the Queens of Fate series was picked up by Solaris books early last year, and Queen of None has officially been re-issued with a brand new cover, updated text, and new acknowledgements.

This truly is the little book that could.

This morning, I sat in my car to get some celebratory coffee, and listened to the beginning of the book narrated by the amazing Deborah Balm. She just absolutely inhabits Anna’s spirit in a way that made me quite emotional. As an audiobook nerd myself, I was thrilled when her voice sample first made its way to me and even more in awe now that I’m able to hear the whole story unfold. Truly a dream come true.

You can grab Queen of None in paperback, audiobook, and eBook just about everywhere.

And then later in December, Queen of Fury finally comes raging in…

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