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Listen to Todd Robinson & Me on WHUP.FM – Plus See Us Tonight at Noir at the Bar!

It was an early, crisp morning, but an absolute pleasure to join Bob Burtman (Mr. B) and writer Todd Robinson at WHUP FM in Hillsborough to talk all things literary. You can listen to the whole interview here–prepare for a variety of medieval dark atmospheric fantasy from yours truly and some hair-raising horror comedy from Todd! I had a lovely time, and even got a tour of the place. It reminded me of the recording studio I grew up visiting (and recording in) during my teen years, and certainly got me itching to do so again. Such a cool space! Their big fundraiser is happening soon, so if you love community radio, consider giving them a donation.

Hillsborough’s own WHUP!

But wait! There’s more! If you happen to be local to NC, you can come on down to Yonder Bar in Hillsborough tonight at 7pm and catch us both reading again with a whole host of other authors, including Jesse Bullington, Rob Creekmore, Eryk Pruitt, and Katy Munger. As always, hosted by the clever, gorgeous, and inimitable Tracey Reynolds. Yonder is one of the coolest spots around and it’s always a blast. Great spirits, great people, and fabulous ambience. Plus, the reading is free!

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