Introducing the Zegedine!

What’s that? Well, a zegedine is a drinking cup. But it’s also my (mostly) weekly newsletter.

Hello, Natania. Is this 2001? No, clearly it’s not. So why would I bother with a newsletter?

A couple of reasons. These days I have a lot more time to post bobbles and bits together than I do to write long, rambling posts about how to write. Lord knows I’ve done enough of those in the ten-odd years I’ve been blogging. The truth is I know how my writing career has gone, and while some of those posts might be helpful, I’m not so sure it’s my best focus.

Secondly, well, I’m a many-armed starfish. I have broad interests that go far and wide. As a writer, it’s never been about the narrow road. I write genre fiction, regular fiction, poetry, songs; I garden, cook, play many instruments; I paint, I dance, I exercise. I love birds and foxes and squid, among many others. I’m a medievalist by training and a marketer by day. I travel, too! And I take photographs. I’m a feminist and a humanist and a pacifist. I’m also a geek who loves roleplaying and video games. And I’m a mom raising

So the idea was to serve up an easy-to-digest mishmash of what I’m up to, thinking about, or interested in. Some good sips from the ol’ zegedine, you might say!

Subscribe to the Zegedine, and drink deep!

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