Watch Pilgrim of the Sky Unfold Live and in Person in the Month of February!

Having just finished Watcher of the Skies, and considering that its predecessor (I won’t say prequel–because technically the second book is a prequel… and a follow up, but not a sequel…) is a little more than two years old, I thought I’d be a little daring. I was supposed to record an audiobook of Pilgrim of the Sky. But then I got pregnant. And recording an audiobook with a baby just doesn’t work. I felt awful, and have been thinking of ways to make it up ever since.

Then it occurred to me. Why not do it LIVE?

So. I am. I’ve recorded the first chapter as a bit of a teaser, and starting next Tuesday (2/4) @ 9pm EST I’ll be broadcasting one chapter every Tuesday and Thursday in February. The book starts in February, so it seems fitting, doesn’t it?

In fact, you can catch the first chapter RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Great way to experience the story again, m’dear!

    1. Yeah! I’m finding that, too. 🙂

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