Yes, there is a dragon in Atlanta; or, rather, there is Dragon*Con. I’ve become fond of the place over the last few years, and even though I wasn’t sure I’d attend this year due to Lots of Insanity All Around (TM), we’re heading out tomorrow morning. As cons go, Dragon*Con is pretty much the craziest I’ve ever been to. I mean, everyone going pretty much has to be a little crazy to venture into Atlanta this time of year. Maybe we’ll get a cool spell. For the sake of the Elizabethan cosplayers, I sure hope so.

And I have to say, pound for pound Dragon*Con’s been one of the best places to meet writers (aside from my own back yard… probably forgot to mention that the very dapper and supremely kind Lev Grossman came to read yesterday here in Chapel Hill, and we even chatted a bit). It’s chaos, but it’s wonderful chaos, made even better by making new friends and meeting old friends. Chances are I’ll be exhausted near to the point of collapsing come Labor Day, but it’ll be worth it.

I’m also bringing some galleys of Pilgrim of the Sky to hand out to some wonderful folks who have agreed to read it. And there be dragons there, too, in the book.

I have no idea where I’ll be at D*C this year, and am mostly leaving the whole scheduling thing up to chance. It hasn’t failed me yet! I’ll share pictures as I get ’em. Dependent upon whether or not the whole network cooperates there!

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