Picture yourself on a boat on a river…

I’m not terribly with it at the moment, but things are improving. Quite obviously I made it through the surgery, and after reacting horrifically to the anesthesia (I think I was actually throwing up before I woke up) I went home. For the time being I’m staying with my parents, and trying to rest. Really most of my day revolves around sleep. But hey, the body heals best in that state, so there you go. Right now it’s a matter of mitigating pain, which is, at times, pretty astonishingly intense. Yay for drugs.

Other than that, I’m trying to catch up on some movies I haven’t seen in a while, and thinking it might be time to crack open at least one of the Firefly episodes I’ve been saving for that special day in the future. It isn’t that often one undergoes surgery, after all.

I received some very cool news yesterday, but I am not yet at liberty to share. Or at least I’m superstitious about these things and want to wait a bit. But that was immensely good to get on the other side of the surgery debacle. Through the haze of medicine and whatnot, it was much appreciated. Life goes on, as they say.

Thank you to everyone for your support, good vibes, prayers, and thoughts. I’m a lucky person to have such friends, near and far, old and new. *hugs*

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