This is the last time.

Writing has been slow since my birthday when, as a promise to myself, I scaled that 60K mark. Huzzah! But yeah, that was on the 14th of June, and here we are more than a week later and just cresting 62K. I have excuses, but really I don’t. It should be more.

Anyway, I did add that other POV in, and I’m enjoying her presence immensely. It’s helping to tie some of the plot loose ends a little more tightly together and giving a bit of needed comic relief. She’s a clever one, that Dinah Montpre, but she’s also selfish and self-centered. It’s quite the combination. She also has virtually no moral compass so long as she’s the one coming out on top. Except, at this point, where she’s been bested and threatened with total mind control.

At any rate, I am plodding along. Today’s writing took me by surprise as, during my drive to pick up the kiddo at daycare I had a minor epiphany, and a character from earlier in the book made an appearance. I’m happy with where this is going. Gotta give the heartless girl a little heart, and all; plus, she’s got a soft spot for redheads.

I had the day “off” from the child, but I pretty much worked an eight hour day and had only a scant 45 minutes to write fiction. But that’s okay, I keep telling myself. Right now, this fun stuff isn’t paying the bills. On the publishing front, I did get a very nice rejection from an agent again, which… yeah. It’s amazing how little they bother you after a while. The good news is I’m young and writing more and the fact that there’s been piqued interest at all is encouraging. So many people have had it worse.

Other than that I also did a great deal of website tinkering, and have a blog design I think I’m happy with; not sure if I’m going to change to hosted so I can use fancier templates, but for right now this is working. I can’t promise I won’t change it again soon.

I am also current on every damn episode of True Blood and Sam Merlotte is haunting my dreams. Good lord.

Onward, upward, and towards the light! Or something inspiring like that. 😉

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