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Birthday goals, and halfway there.

The girl is a geek. Sometime in 88-89 or so. Suitably embarrassing. What the heck is up with those flowers, really? And I can't believe people are purposefully wearing glasses like these today. It was a form of torture back then.

No, this has nothing to do with football. (Or, soccer.)

Just a quick one before the D&D game starts. My birthday is tomorrow, and I wanted to play D&D with our amazing group. However, I also wanted to achieve a personal birthday goal; I wanted to hit 55,000 in the WIP which marks the exact halfway point in the novel. I had until tomorrow to do this but finished today.

Personal goals are important. It’s been hard for me this year, as I usually try to mimic the output of Important Published Writers. (I was reading a post of mine from last year when I wrote 35K in ten days at one point). I used to force myself to write 3K a day. But issues have meant that my output is slower. I can’t keep up as I used to. But still, this is not shabby. I started the book in March and it’s only June. My plan is to finish by September. I can do this. I have to do this, however it goes.

Onward to my last year as a twenty-something, then. Amusingly enough, I once had a silly notion to give up writing if I didn’t get published in novel form by 30, which of course is ridiculous. But when you’re writing novels at 21, that feels a long way off. These days I feel like I’m just getting started. I mean, seriously. How could I stop writing novels? Ah, the innocence of youth.

So, a moment’s pride if you will as I happily display the wee little meter:


  • Doug Cornelius

    Happy Birthday.

    Growing up and growing older are no longer the same thing after your teens. (Really it becomes more about growing wider and growing older, but there is no need to dwell on my weight.)

    For me there are two signs of adulthood. The most obvious is having a kid. Being responsible for another person is a clear sign of adulthood.

    The second sign is shopping for major appliances at Sears. Nothing made me fell older than talking to a salesman, who was wearing a short sleeve shirt and a tie, about the relative merits of different models of washing machine.

    The important thing and something we can learn from our young ones is to always be a kid inside.

  • RobHeathers

    Those glasses were SO popular in 1989-1991!! I love those to this day. I’ve always wanted to refurbished a red pair my sister had in Jr/Sr High School.

    Did this style have a particular name or manufacturer?!?! Does anyone know?

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