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Cats, hands, and words

We’ve been looking for a new furry friend for the family since our beloved Minerva (the cat) passed away. We went back and forth between wanting to get a dog and a cat, and after every attempt to get a dog was foiled, we opted for the feline variety instead. I love dogs, and I love cats. But I know dogs are much more work. Our Calliope is a wonderful, special, marvelous dog. But she was a ton of work. I trained her from a puppy and it was exhausting–it was also before I had a puppy of my own (i.e. my son)! I just don’t think we’re up for that again right now.

So, we went to the SPCA of Wake County (which is a fabulous facility) today, after meeting some delightful kitties yesterday, with a few in mind. We ended up best matched to a medium hair orange tabby with the curious name of Grasshopper. We’ll be changing that, but she’s going to come home with us in just a few days. They have a potential ringworm issue in her particular room (the rooms for the cats are fantastic little kitty condos–quite a sight to see) but she should be clear soon, hopefully without a lye bath. But we’ll take her even if she’s stinky. I’ve missed having a kitty; every kitty needs a writer, after all. Once she’s here I’ll be sure to post pictures!

Today was also Mother’s Day, so that’s kind of special. My husband made marvelous filet mignon. My son was sick, and generally a little meanie head (he does not deal well with being sick, and takes it out on the world… at three that means a great deal of flailing and screaming bloody murder: tonight, when we were getting him in bed, he kept screaming at us, “This is not my favorite! This is not my favorite!” Yeah, buddy. We know.).

The hands have been okay. Not fabulous, but okay. I’ve had two great writing days; Friday night I had to stop because I was too tired to type any longer, and tonight I had to stop because my hands were starting to hurt. Still: good progress. The story is still moving well, and I am pleased. I only wish I could keep up. I will be patient. Sometimes steroids take a few days to really work.

Technically I wrote three chapters this weekend, which is the best in a long time. So maybe the hands are doing better than I give them credit for. Story wise there was some really odd stuff with the clockwork wolf, the introduction of a new diety, and a very uncomfortable scene with a character who looks like Jabba the Hut, except in human form. A bit of banter (in further Star Wars mode, Marna and Ash are starting to remind me of Leia and Han… which ain’t a bad thing in my book), and some cool exploration in Underally. Tension, tension building… next, a terrifying ride on the Clacker and a surprise ambush.

Now, to bed wi’ me. If it’s anything like this morning, the child will be up in seven hours. Ah, motherhood.

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