So I promised yesterday–after a somewhat overly introspective and slightly self-indulgent moping session of a post–that I’d outline some of the cool stuff that’s going on right now! That time is now. Behold, the bullet list!

Awesome #1 – I am going to be speaking at the end of February at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania along with Ken Denmead, my editor at Wired’s GeekDad blog. What are we talking about? Well, geeky literature and geeky publication! Pretty rad, if I may say so.

Awesome #2 – The following month I will in Boston for PAX East. Additionally, since apparently I have high charisma, as well, I’ll be speaking on two different panels. One with the GeekDads (which is awesome, since I’ve met so few… other than the one I’m married to) and the other with my husband Michael and author Ethan Gilsdorf (who we met at Dragon*Con last September). I’ll post definitive details when I’ve got them. If I sound reserved it’s because I’m still a little in shock that I get to be on two panels at PAX.

Awesome #3 – My short story “A Dear, Lovely Thing” has a home! More details to follow, but I’m very excited about this!

Awesome #4 – I was contacted by local writer Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, who’s behind the upcoming Bull Spec magazine yesterday and, after some conversation I can announce, officially, that my short story “Dr. Adderson’s Lens” (which was first in the lovely Gatehouse Gazette) will be reprinted in the first issue of Bull Spec. I am totally excited to be able to contribute to this new local speculative fiction market. It’s expected to drop sometime around February, but I’ll let you know for sure as I hear. You can also pre-order if you’re feeling particularly saucy. I should also add that Nick Ottens, who first ran the story, was an absolute darling in facilitating the reprint. Awesome all around.

Awesome #5 – I have some amazing friends. Things may suck sometimes, but they remind me constantly that a) we all struggle b) it’s best when you can laugh at it (and yourself sometimes) together and c) we’re all a little crazy. It helps. It really does.

Awesome #6 – I baked one hella awesome loaf of bread tonight. Granted, it turned out so big that I have no means of storing it lest I hack it to pieces, but still. As Michael said to our son over dinner tonight, “Your mommy makes magic.”


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  1. Natania failed to mention RE: #2 that while in Boston she will meet the wonderful and talented editors of Crossed Genres in person for the first time. We can all forgive her and simply assume that she was including them in #5.

    1. @Bart Yes, yes, in fact you are in #5. And of course I will see you in Boston. And we can all have WINE.

  2. That is a huge load of awesomeness. So much awesome, I am surprised nothing is exploding from trying to contain it all.

  3. That is a whole lot of awesome!

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