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Metrics, Mind-tricks, and Mayhem

This week I:

  • Killed 30K in The Ward of the Rose
  • Wrote 7K in The Ward of the Rose
  • Decided I’m awesome and it’ll be no time before this career gets off the ground, then
  • Decided that I’m not good with that much bravado; then
  • Decided I pretty much suck, I’m doing it all wrong, and my stuff will never see the light of day, then…
  • Decided, in light of what’s going on, I’m allowed a moment of crazy
  • Fell in love with characters I hadn’t seen in a while
  • Wanted to strangle some of the characters I hadn’t seen in a while
  • Felt very grateful for having recorded the draft of The Aldersgate
  • Felt slightly embarrassed by some of the glitches/trip-ups in said recording
  • Successfully completed potty training with the three year old
  • Wrote a total of five other articles for various freelancing jobs
  • Wrote a very long post, deleted it, and started a bulleted list instead
  • Realized I’m embarrassingly behind on holiday gifts/planning/etc.
  • Still, still, walked away immensely grateful for being a writer, for knowing writers, and for having an outlet for the stories in my brain

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