Giving GoogleDocs a second chance.

My husband has always been a huge supporter of using GoogleDocs, and I have always been skeptic. There’s something about writing in your own program and having everything just where you like it. I’m possessive, I admit.

I tried writing in GoogleDocs a few times, and was always put off by myriad formatting issues. I can tolerate lots of clunkiness in the way of a word processor, but if it can’t do a handful of things I toss it out entirely.

Well, I’ve been contemplating novel storage, and as a backup, I’ve been importing stuff into GoogleDocs. Then I decided to give it another try, just to see.

And I must say I’m impressed. Not only is it significantly cleaner than it used to be, but it also allows for a full-screen version, getting rid of just about all other distractions. Granted it’s not as distraction canceling as Scrivener’s full screen mode, but it’s a huge improvement, and actually makes writing on it feasible for me.

I don’t think it’ll entirely replace my current writing program, especially when it comes to editing large works and outlining, but it’s certainly viable for day-to-day writing. Kinda neat.

Anyone out there love/hate/meh GoogleDocs?

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  • elizaw

    I used to love it. There was nothing like knowing that you can work on your story whenever.

    And then around 60,000 words, it was suddenly too big to save in a single file. That, and me writing book-style, with indents on the sides that started getting taken out… well, it killed it for me.

  • Natania

    @elizaw The indents thing is really annoying, but I’ve sort of worked my way around it. As to the file size, eek. Thankfully I write in chapters now, after years of doing otherwise, so it isn’t an issue for me. I think with a little work they could make it really THE place for novelists, but I’m sure we’re not their target market. 🙂

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